Meba is the best partner thanks to the high level technology services offered to its customers. To be present in the best way on the market , it has been created a dynamic and efficient organization, in order to be weighty and to offer a complete service.

An accurate resources schedule allows an effective management, a mental flexibility, before than in production systems, allows a continuous growth which satisfies market dynamics and consolidates acquired knowledge and new experiences.

Meba as your partner

  1. We undertake risks, you enjoy benefits. When you decide to outsource your production, you don’t only delegate unexpected productive peaks: it means that you are aware of the risks generated by keeping back-end production inside your firm and to be conscious about the financial and industrial risks, which cost time and money and threaten your reputation.

  2. It’s part of our competence the ability to minimize your exposure in order to maximize your production and margins. Our productive capacity is cut out on your needs, which can change without causing any business destabilization. Our expertise and abilities are the pad which can reduce any market rebound.

  3. Fixed costs, certain costs . Whether the market request of your product increases or decreases, your business costs won’t change. You will pay only for the requested service, saving money to feed your core business.

  4. Sheltered from market volatility. We undertake any risk linked to the volatility of market request. Orders are issued only if there is a real product request, with no need to keep stocked goods or human and instrumental resources locked up when market request decreases.

  5. We invest in technology . To keep up with technologies, production lines, inspection and testing systems must be renewed, working capital are locked up in quick-obsolescent systems and human resources must me trained. We fully undertake the business risk.

company history

Meba Foundation

MEBA borns as an electromechanical production and assembly company.


Electronic processing

The processing of electronic components is introduced in the manufaturing, ensuring a complete service.


Meba moves to brand new headquarter

Meba is transferred to the new plant in Gavirate, where offices, warehousing and logistics are allocated.


Lean Manufacturing

Through Lean Manufacturing Club membership, MEBA states its philosophy and confirms the correct application in the company.


Opening in Romania

After years of experience with production in low-cost areas MEBA opens its plant in Romania in order to offer to the customers a complete production chain with reduced manufacturing costs.


Area EPA

Definition of an EPA area and preparation of the ESD process verification plan.


internal training

As any sound business, we are a continuously changing yard, able to give new and always different answers to the market solicitations.

The change which bring us to reach objectives also imposes the business growth, which can’t be only dimensional but must concern all the business system, including the training.

The continuous training takes place with the cooperation of Liuc University (Castellanza) and involves both the management and the production staff, which also attends specific technology courses. Since 2011 Meba joined the Lean Manufacturing club, production philosophy which the firm regularly applies.

lean manufacturing

Processes are configured by following the logic of Lean Manufacturing in order to reduce non-added value activities, optimizing flows, ensuring an accurate delivering system and reducing costs. Lean Manufacturing in Meba is based on the synergies achievable through the harmonious use of the various factors of production.

  1. Production system is integratedwith suppliers and customers.
  2. Machines are flexible to the product and become authentic production islands.
  3. Volumes are extremely variables in production, even with reduced economic expansions.
  4. Layout is organized by departments; however, within each department is not performed a single operation but a variable set of operations.
  5. workforce is required to co-manage production operating in functional teams which are assigned to specific responsibilities.

A lean manufacturing model obviously needs a lean training model. MEBA has activated and maintain an efficient system of continuing training in collaboration with the LIUC C. Cattaneo University of Castellanza.

Characteristics of this model provide a close cooperation between market (industrial environment) and institutions (schools, universities), extreme flexibility and responsiveness of the educational system to the changes emerging in the application. For these reasons Meba is a member of the LIUC LEAN Club from 2011.

our dictionary

Reliability: service and production quality doesn’t change, so that products can keep a high level performance lifelong.

Self-consciousness: capacity to self-analyze, development of a method for self-comprehension and self-evaluation.

Consistence: ability to reduce the fluctuation of the variables which fix business processes

Convergence: value combined with technology.

Efficacy: know what must be done, know what is correct to do.

Efficiency: know the best way to do something.

Flexibility: answer to fluctuation with on time delivery.

Innovation: continuous research of new and optimized solutions as one of the business purposes.

Logistics: respect of scheduled times, accuracy for delivery.

Improvement: ability to measure and develop own capacities.

Problem solving: face with flexibility any situation with original solutions.

Quality: even work to zero lacks.

Explanation: clearly define how to explain our own intuitions.

Transparency: attitude to undertake responsibilities.