Meba East


MEBA EAST opened in May 2014 in collaboration with leading partners in the automotive sector. The 1.700 square meters plant is located in Bacau, a rapidly developing city in Romania.

MEBA EAST hosts the low cost manufacturing and it's specialized in electronic assembly with SMT and THT technologies. Low manufacturing costs and shipments convenience make Meba East the best choice for a low-cost manufacturing option.

production site


  • Automatic assembly of electronic circuits with SMT technology
  • Manual assembly of electronic circuits with THT/PTH technology
  • Trials
  • Manual and semi-automatic welding

current activities

  • Production capacity increase on manual assembly lines
  • Relocationv of three automotive product categories
  • Local management of components purchasing
  • Direct shipments to customers in Romanian territory
  • Training of specialists
  • Transversal implementation of IT and management systems


    n. 2 SMT complete lines:

  • Serigraphy
  • Pick & Place
  • Reflow oven
  • Tests and Trials

  • Optical Inspection System Saki (AOI)
  • Location equipped for in circuit testing Seika (ICT)


  • Selective solder Soltec
  • n. 2 Wave solders Seho

in the near future

In the near future MEBA EAST is going to become strategically important for the relocation of some production lines, the project is focused to offer to the customers a complete production chain.

    In the near future:

  • Relocation of Automotive codes
  • Relocation of strategic lines
  • Making of a totally independent structure for a complete production chain purpose
  • New patrnership with local providers
  • A stand-alone manual assembly division