• SMT components assembling, three lines dedicated
  • Automated warehouse for components' traceability
  • Construction bank for computerized workstation
  • THT/PTH components assembling
  • Ultrasonic cleaning for welding carriages and screen frames
  • Wave welding
  • AOI inspection
  • Conformal Coating
  • In Circuit test
  • Flying Probe test
  • Functional tests
  • Re-work certified workstation


SMT production banks are held in a responsible area connected directly to the automated warehouse which preserves the traceability of each component present in the BOM.

SMT assembling is developed on three lines, each one comprehends serigraphy, Pick and Place assembling, recast and optical inspection (AOI). Such flow allows to reduce the amount of handling of printed circuit boards, ensuring a high quality for the manufactured electronic cards.

THT/PTH assembling is organized dedicating individual benches equipped according to the type of electronic card produced.

For soldering of electronic boards the two lines have been arranged providing the use of solders with lead free alloys.

  • Conformal Coating

  • Many electronic boards, having sensitive components, require a protective coating dispensed automatically through the use of conformal coating technology.

  • In circuit and flying probe tests

  • Because of the increasing quality requirements for the electronic boards the tests in Meba make use of both in-circuit and Flying Probe technologies.

  • Re-work certified workstation

  • A rework station dedicated, in which only certified personnel has the ability to re-work the manufatured electronic cards.


    Automated warehouse

  • n. 4 Automated warehouse LZERO3EX
  • Warehouse SZERO1 Humidity Control
  • Warehouse SZERO PCB Humidity Control
  • Line 1

  • Serigraphic SP700 AVI
  • P&P YAMAHA M20 with Electronic Feeders
  • Recast hove IEMME PLUS 24
  • Line 2

  • Serigraphic SP700 AVI
  • n. 2 P&P YAMAHA M10 with Electronic Feeders
  • Recast hove HELLER 1809EXL
  • AOI OMRON VT-S730-3D
  • Line 3

  • Serigraphic SP700 AVI
  • P&P YAMAHA M20 with Electronic Feeders
  • Recast hove HELLER 1809EXL
  • AOI OMRON VT-S730-3D
  • Conformal Coating

  • Nordson SL-940E/SL

    Laser Marking

  • Laser marking system AEB Robotics Quickmark Laser Wide Area 300
  • Welding

  • Wave welding machine IM ARGO FC ROHS compatibile
  • Wave welding machine SEHO 8141 with ROHS compatibile melting pot
  • Tests and Trials

  • SPEA Flying Probe 4030C
  • SPEA Easy Test 120 AD
  • SEIKA S30 Trekker
  • Re-Work worlstation

  • PACE 3 channels re-working station MBT350 with TT-65
  • Stereo-microscope PSP ECO III
  • Solder paste conservation

  • BTSR AFD 3000/1 fridge
  • Moreover

  • Ultrasonic washing machine PBT LAVO 9000 AS