In MEBA the quality is “customer driven”: performance and compliance levels are settled by customers, the only ones allowed to evaluate their quality and adequacy.
CSQ and IQNet Certifications are both our starting point and the tools which help us to translate customer needs into requirements which must be satisfied.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification achieved in 1994 is only the litmus paper of the quality vocation which has followed MEBA’s growth.
A vocation always connected to each business decision.

Meba’s growth through years

The 5 reasons which have allowed us to grow up and get over the crisis:

  1. We are at the service of military, safety and medical sectors which need an interlocutor always present and able to dialog at each level.
  2. We are a reliable partner who defend intellectual property and sensitive data in each project.
  3. We offer local technical support and international cooperation.
  4. We assure continuity.
  5. We have a NPI service whether for high mix/low volume production or simply for high volumes.